The World is…A Mix of Cultures and Views

Our world is made up of different cultures and views. Everyone is unique in their own way and it is important to respect where people come from and their points of views. It is also important to be civil with one another and give options to those people who are not fortunate to have different options on the way they can live their lives due to their cultural background. This blog is to remind each and every one of us about the different ways, big or small, that the whole world is the same and different through our cultures.

This blog is a combination of views and ideas, sometimes backed by journalistic research, from three upper division journalism students at California State University Northridge: Betsy Garcia, Angela Melero, and Stephanie Olmedo.

You can also read some of their previously published stories in the Daily Sundial, an award-winning, and financially independent, student newspaper and Web site. Previous and upcoming stories may be found at El Nuevo Sol.net, a Spanish journalism multimedia project from California State University, Northridge covering community issues. More upcoming stories will also be published at LA Beez.org. LA Beez is an online collaboration of ethnic media organizations featuring hyper local news content covering the metropolitan Los Angeles area.

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